Functions Enterprise Pro Comments
Ranch & Herd Management Y Y Create, edit, and delete ranch/herd information. Herd can be closed.
Cattle Management Y Y
Display General Information of Animal Y Y
Display the Breeding History Y Y
Display Parents of Animal Y Y
Display Pedigree of Animal Y Y
Display the Animal-In/Out-History Y Y
Enter a photo for animal Y Y
Change Processing Data Y This is an abstractive feature. The user can modify the activities of many animals at one time.
Edit a Single Activity Y
EID is optional Y In the Enterprise, EID is required. However, EID is unncessary in the Pro.
Enter A.I. Data Y These features are same as an Enterprise feature, Change Processing Data. However, in here, the program displays the different fields for the different process base on the definition of the corresponding template.
Enter Data of Preg-Check Y
Enter Calving Data Y
Enter M&B Data Y
Enter Weaning Data Y
Enter Data of Deworm Y
Enter Data of Boosting Y
Enter Purchased Data Y
Enter Sale Data Y
Enter Data of Other Process Y
Reapply VID to Animal Y
Edit Tag Numbers of Animal Y
Edit Medicine Applied to Animal Y Y
Enter Comments Y Y
Edit Animal Name Y Y
Edit Reg. # of Animal Y Y
Edit Birth Date of Animal Y Y
Edit Breed Code of Animal Y Y
Edit Parents of Animal Y Y
Edit Parents of Animal Y Y
Transfer Animal Y Y
Bulls-in/Bulls-out Y Y
Retag /Undo Retag Y In Pro. The EID is option, so Retag/Undo Retag is useless.
Archive/Undo Y Y
Sold/Undo Y Y
Animal Dies/Undo Y Y
Search Animals Y Y
Import Calving Information Y Y
Import Registration Information Y Y
Import EPD data Y Y
Breeding Cycles Y
Check Logs of Uploading Data Y
Check Batch Data Y
Check Non-Inventory Animals Y
Pastures Map Y
Pastures Management (Rotation & Pasture Name etc.) Y Y
Record History of Herd-in-Pasture Y Y
Record HIstory of Feeding Herd Y Y
Molasses Feed Plan & Track with Barcode Y
Contract Management Y
Semen Inventory Y
Medicine Inventory Y
The Total of the Reports 109 16
System Configurations Y Y
Templates Management Y
Processes Management Y
Medicine Rules Management Y
Medicine Vendor Management Y
Manufacturer Management Y
Pen Location Management Y
Medicine Name Management Y Y
Molasses Type Management Y Y
Dry Feed Type Management Y Y
User Management Y
EID Reader (Support the Animal Classification Evolution) Y EID is optional in Pro, so it does not support EID Reader.
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